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Does Depression Have to be Life-Changing?

Any disease, no matter what it is, is going to affect your life. Depression, given its very nature, affects your life in very obvious and significant ways. But does depression have to change your life? Not necessarily.

When you are depressed you find it harder to deal with the tasks that are necessary to achieve your goals. That doesn't mean, however, that your goals have to be abandoned. Our dreams and goals in life are a big part of who we are – if it weren't for them we would be living a life without hope. Although depression can be defined as “feelings of helplessness and hopelessness”, we have to remember that it is simply that – feelings. We cannot help how we feel but we can help how we act on our emotions. To keep depression from changing our lives for the worse we need to remind ourselves constantly that our negative emotions are symptoms of a disease, and must be looked at objectively. This isn't easy, but learning to do this one simple thing can make the difference between giving up our goals and fighting even harder to reach them. Depression is life affecting, but it does not have to be life changing.

We can, however, make positive changes in our lives that will help us to keep our goals in the forefront. Exercise, meditation, therapy, the right doctor and possibly the right medication – all of these things are choices we can make that will help fight depression and enhance our ability to lead the life that we want and deserve.