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Be Quiet or Be Occupied

Whenever I am depressed, I look for ways to distract myself from the depression, either by being quiet or being occupied. By creating a distraction, I can get my mind off of the feelings that threaten to overtake me. Further, with a distraction, I find myself doing something positive and dealing with my emotions in a positive fashion.

For me, overcoming my depression used to be difficult. Now, if I focus on being quiet or occupied, I find that I can conquer my depression a lot easier than ever before. For instance, if I choose to be quiet, I can go into a meditative state and relax my mind and body. Usually, I use soft music and aromatherapy to heighten the relaxed state I enter. Once I have quieted myself, I focus on nothing but my breathing—removing the bad energies within that accompany depression and filling myself with positive energies. Positive energies then help elevate my mood and help keep depression at bay.

Alternatively, if I am feeling a little too edgy to relax, I create a distraction by becoming occupied with something—anything. For example, if I am started to feel depressed I will engage in my favorite hobbies. I may start to draw, paint, or read the latest book by my favorite author. In doing so, I can be temporarily drawn away from myself and I don't end up focusing on the negative emotions that creep up on me. Ultimately, depression can be conquered: all you have to do is set your mind to it.