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How My Family Copes with My Depression

When I experience depression, I know that it not only affects me, but it affects my entire family. I used to wonder how my family copes with my sudden changes in mood, but after living with depression for several years, I have come to understand. My family has various coping mechanisms for dealing with the periods that I am experiencing depression and, quite honestly, I find their methods of coping impressive.

Whenever I am in a depressed state, my family always tries to cheer me up; in fact, they will go out of their way to try to elevate my mood. Of course, there attempts don't always work, but the mere fact that they care enough to try means a great deal. Sometimes, we will all do something together as a family and it often helps me focus on other things besides the negative feelings that accompany periods of depression.

My family has been and remains extremely supportive and they do everything they can to help me through the rough times. If I experience a low period where counseling becomes necessary, they drive me to my sessions and sometimes, they participate in counseling sessions with me. Likewise, when I am feeling particularly low, my family makes sure I get all of the assistance I need and they make sure I am taking proper care of myself. Thus, I have learned that my family copes with my periods of depression by doing everything they can to be supportive and helpful in my time of need.