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Depression - Color Therapy

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is an alternative therapy used in treating depression and other conditions. No one is certain who invented color therapy, but there is evidence that the ancient Egyptians used colored pebbles and filters to give patients a sense of well being. Color therapy can be used to treat depression because the kind of energy that each color produces, or wavelength, can balance the energies in the body.

Color therapy is growing in popularity, particularly for those who are suffering from depression. There are many color therapy products on the market, including color therapy bath beads, soap, and lotions. You can purchase thin, plastic lenses to place over your light source to make the entire room a certain light, or purchase colored bulbs. You can even purchase colored sunglasses in the shade of your choice. We are surrounded by colors in our daily life; according to the principles of color therapy, someone should even alter the color of their wardrobe or paint their walls a different shade to alleviate their depression.

Different colors can treat different kind of depression. Blue is a calming color for those whose depression is based on stress and anxiety. Yellow and orange encourage joy. Red is a stimulating color, and is used in color therapy to treat those who feel lethargic. White is an excellent color for those who suffer from seasonal depression, and green, which is a vital color, is good for treating all kinds of depression.

Many people who suffer from depression see quick results from a color therapy treatment. Consult a color therapy practitioner to see which color combination is right for you.