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Depression and Art Therapy

Art therapy involves using different form of art to resolve conflicts, release repressed emotions and promote personal growth. There are many types of art from which you can choose, depending on which one you prefer. However, sometimes you may choose to try a variety. You may draw, paint, create ceramics or make sculptures. Clients are encouraged to created art that reflects how they feel, express their hopes and show their dreams. Art therapy allows the client to show their feelings and emotions that they can not put into words.

One reason art therapy is said to be an effective form of treatment for depression is because traditionally artist have been known to derive their inspiration from their emotions. It is not uncommon to create a masterpiece or work of art after suffering a loss or going through a painful event.

There are many schools that offer training and certification in art therapy. Therefore, when seeking out a therapist, check their credentials to make sure that they are licensed. Also, the client needs to realize that they are not expected to become a professional artist, nor do they need artistic skills in order to participate in this type of therapy. The goal is simply to learn how to express their feelings in a non verbal manner. Many clients are often surprised when one of their creations reminds them of something from long ago, or a memory that they had repressed. They also become aware of issues in their life that they did not even know they had. Art therapy is not only used to treat depression, but also as a way to diagnose the problem. If you are suffering from depression, or think that you might be suffering, look on the internet to find a licensed therapist in your local area.