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Depression and Family Support

Family support is a key ingredient in helping a loved one deal with depression. It can be difficult to watch a family member battle this disorder. However, it is important to be patient and understanding. Another way that you can show support is to take what they say seriously and do not make light of their symptoms or downplay the things they may say. Depressed family members have low self-esteem and often view themselves in a negative way. Remind them of the good things about them and what makes them special. You can also show support by encouraging your loved one to seek professional help and to continue treatments until signs of depression improve. Also, do not offer solutions to their problems, leave that to a professional. Even though a person may start to improve, it is possible and normal to sink back into depression. You should also remember to remain supportive even after treatment starts. In addition, you can help by taking over some of the daily task that your loved one is incapable of or unwilling to complete. You may also be needed to take your loved one to their therapy sessions and make sure that they take any medications that have been prescribed.

Those suffering from depression should realize that family support is important in overcoming symptoms and can help lessen relapses. While going through your struggle, seek out loved ones instead of turning away from them. Many therapists actually recommend seeking out support and studies confirm that it is beneficial in alleviating depression. Remember that your family loves and care for you and only wants the best.