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Depression - Can I Help Others?

Often, people with depression feel embarrassed or ashamed and therefore do not seek help or support. However, depression affects many people and there is no reason to have these feels. Actually, one of the best things to do after seeking out help is to try and help others who are also suffering. You can acknowledge the problem and talk about it with others.

The first thing to do is to tell others about your depression. In doing so, you make people more aware of this problem and help them to see that they are not alone. They will then see that it's ok for them to admit that they have depression and eventually seek help. When more people began to "come out of the closet" so to speak, then barriers to getting help will be broken down.

Another way to help others suffering from the same problem is to start a support group. In addition, with the invention of the internet, you can start a virtual network with people from around the world. This serves multiple purposes. Mainly, people can talk with someone when they are having a bad day or when they need a little bit of inspiration to get through a tough situation. A support group also serves as a sounding board when someone needs to just get something off their chest. No one has to suffer through depression alone. In addition, you can receive and give valuable information on types of treatments of which you had no prior knowledge or other helpful hints in coping with depression. Therefore, just by acknowledging your own struggles and developing a support group for people who are also suffering, you can be a valuable asset in the fight against depression.