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Depression and How Music Helps

Music can be used to assist those individuals that experience depression. Research has discovered that music actually affects the brain waves of individuals and it has mood altering properties. Such mood altering properties can be used to assist those experiencing depression by helping to elevate their mood.

There are different forms of music therapy that individuals can utilize to overcome periods of depression. Individuals can participate in Music therapy groups on a regular basis and listen to the music provided to help them overcome depression. Such groups are critical to those individuals that experience depression because it gets them out of the habit of being alone—loneliness can trigger a depressive episode—and it gives them an opportunity to be with other people that are experiencing similar issues. In fact, music therapy groups can help people make new friends and such friendships can prove to be beneficial when depression arises—the people within the friendship will find that they have someone to lean on and talk to in their time of need.

Other music therapy alternatives exist in the ability to purchase audio tapes with music therapy recorded on them. Recorded music therapy tapes are great for people who have really chaotic schedules and can't seem to make the time for music therapy sessions. They can be used at home or with a portable cassette player and such music can help relieve the stress and anxiety one might experience when they feel a bout of depression coming on.