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Relaxation Techniques

Whenever I am feeling the affects of depression, I listen to music to lift my spirits. Music has a way of not only relaxing me, but in some instances, it can bring back terrific memories and help erase the depression I feel. Moreover, music is a free resource for me to listen to whenever I feel the need to escape any depressing thoughts or feelings.

I am extremely careful about the types of music I select when I am feeling depressed or anxious. Usually, I refrain from listening to music with angry tones or overly sad themes and I focus on uplifting music. At first, this may sound like I really limit myself and that there isn't much of a listening selection to choose from, but that simply isn't true. I can listen to some uplifting classical or new age music, or any upbeat tune to help elevate my emotions.

Aromatherapy is a nice addition to the music I have selected. Sometimes I burn scented candles and other times I use a special oil burner with different scents like rose and jasmine. Of course, the simplest way to scent the air is to burn a few sticks of incense. Further, after I have my music on and the incense burning, I sometimes partake in relaxing mediations to ease any tense I may have accumulated throughout the day.

All of the above mentioned methods can be used to help you when you experience depression, either singularly or in combination with one another. You will find that the more positive actions you take to fend off depression the better you will feel. Finally, when you do manage to change your mood through your own efforts, your sense of achievement will make you feel even better about yourself.