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Animals are a Calming Influence

It has been well documented that animals are a calming influence for people experiencing depression or upheaval of some sort or another in their life. Quite often, people become depressed over the loss of a family member, a relationship, poor health, or simply the onset of old age. When depressing situations occur, there is an increased need for companionship. Animals are a calming influence; they provide comfort and affection without reservation or repercussion.

The interaction with animals, whether dogs, cats, rabbits, or birds, calms erratic behavior, the mood swings, and the feelings of depression you may be experiencing. It encourages playful moments, promotes physical and mental stimulation, and provides an unlimited exchange of affection between animals and people. In doing so, blood pressure is reduced, anxiety is lessened, and survival rates increase.

Most people have felt the calming influence of watching a flock of geese taking flight, a group of swans floating effortlessly on a placid lake, or listened to the cheerful sound of birds. Bringing a pet into your home, someone to talk to, to care for, and to love restores a sense of order and peace to an otherwise hectic world.

It is no surprise therefore, that medical doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists expound the benefits of having a pet. The feelings you may be experiencing for one reason or another will seem less worrisome within the calming influence of animals. You'll find you're never really alone, with something warm and real to relate to. Animals have a calming influence; they fill your world with happiness and life.