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Calming Influences

Depression affects millions of people each year. Depression can have devastating effects on many individuals and can severely alter the quality of one's life. One important and effective way of dealing with depression is by looking into calming influences. Calming influences can be almost anything that relieves stress, anxiety and lowers the amount depression a person feels. It could be exercise or using positive people for support. There are several ways that people can incorporate calming influences in their lives to help combat depression.

Many researchers feel that using a variety of calming influences can alleviate some forms of mild depression. One common influence that can easily be incorporated is meditation. Meditation calms the nerves and the mind by allowing the person to enter into a physical state of relaxation. This is often done by suspending the stream of thoughts a couple of times a day. Meditation is a great calming influence because it can reduce stress, elevate the person's mood and alter hormone levels. In addition, relaxation through yoga and tai chi are also good calming influences that can help treat depression.

Other calming influences that can help alleviate depression include using aromatherapy, taking herbal supplements and moderate exercise. There are several types of herbal supplements that are believed to help calm a person's mind. St. John's Wort, thiamine and valerian root are commonly used to help alleviate stress and depression. Aromatherapy in the form of scented candles, essential oils and burning incense can also create a calming effect in a person's environment. Daily light to moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, can also help combat those feeling the affects of depression.