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Depression and Alternative Treatments

Depending on the type of depression you are dealing with, modern science has a plethora of medications and other therapeutic treatments to try. However, many people would prefer to stay away from these treatments for one reason or another. Perhaps they have heard horror stories of the side-effects, or they don't have health insurance to cover the high prices. Perhaps, for one reason or another, these people just don't trust modern medicine or don't feel that their symptoms are severe enough to warrant all the intensive therapy and medication. For these people, there are alternative treatments that are effective in treating mild to moderate depression.

One of the alternative treatments for depression includes using herbs and aromatherapy. St. John's Wort is an especially popular herb one ingests to ease depression. You can find it in most stores and supermarkets across the country. In terms of aromatherapy, rosemary, sage, chamomile, jasmine, and lavender are popular for lifting the mood and easing depression. Some people also find that altering their diets and exercising more eases the symptoms of depression. Adding exercise along with fresh vegetables and fruits may be effective in alleviating symptoms of depression.  

Other alternative methods of treating depression include acupuncture, meditation, magnet therapy, music therapy, reflexology and employing various breathing techniques. Often times, naturopathic physicians will recommend using a variety of these methods to help with symptoms of depression. Although some of these methods have been around for a very long time, it is best to talk to someone knowledgeable about these alternative treatments, especially if you plan on using herbal or homeopathic remedies.