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Depression and Food

What are the links between the foods we eat and depression? There seem to be quite a few actually. Most everyone know that chocolate is the food of choice for females in a bad mood, or males about to put them into one ! It's no mistake that many men are trained to bring chocolate with their bad news, or when asking forgiveness, because it works !

Chocolate has long been known as a mood enhancing food. Surprisingly enough there are other foods that can help get rid of the symptoms of depression. Banana's are one. Potato chips are another.

Comfort foods can play a large role in alleviating symptoms of depression, but one should choose them wisely, and they should be used in moderation. While chocolate and ice cream are foods often associated with relieving bad feelings. Some foods can actually cause them. Food allergies can also masquerade as depression.

Complex carbohydrates found in comfort foods such as pasta and potato's may enhance the absorption of tryptophan and boost seratonin activity in the brain. Potato chips also contain potassium, and can guard against "potassium washout", which often occurs in the summer heat.

Many people who suffer from depression also do not get enough folic acid. Turkey, a well known comfort and feel good food can help there. Turkey also contains Niacin, a B vitamin that can help relieve depression, anxiety and panic feelings.

Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in cold water fish such as salmon, trout and tuna may also help relieve symtoms of depression. Magnesium and selenium, may help as well. These can be found in avocados, spinach, almonds, and dare we repeat it... Chocolate!

You'll want to avoid any food you might be allergic to and possibly trans-fats, sugar, and caffeine as well. These foods aren't proven to be linked to depression but many people report feeling better as a result of removing them from their diet, and feeling better is what it's all about.