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Depression in Men

The misconception that men are less emotional than women may be the reason behind the fact that women are more frequently diagnosed with depression than men. Men, as well as women can experience various forms of depression during their lifetimes and if the depression remains untreated, it can have baneful affects on their lives. Although men may exhibit different symptoms than women when experiencing depression, the simple fact is that men can experience depression just as often as women do.

The different types of depression in men include major depression, bipolar disorder, and Seasonal Affect Disorder, just to name a few. All forms of depression in men can be treated with medications, counseling or a conjunction of the two forms of treatment. Bipolar depression is the result of a chemical imbalance that can be successfully treated with medications and Seasonal Affect Disorder can be successfully treated with medications, counseling, and bright light therapy. Likewise, major depression can also be addressed with counseling and medications as long as the men experiencing the depression appropriately address the issue.

When depression in men is present, one will find that the symptoms displayed vary slightly from the symptoms that women display. For example, when men experience depression they often display unexplained irritability, and in some instances the irritability can be to the extreme. Also, depression in men often results in high distractibility and interference with productive sleep. Conversely, the typical symptoms displayed by women include fatigue, oversleeping, and an overwhelming sense of sadness that does not seem to have a logical source.

Needless to say, depression, especially in severe cases, whether it is depression in men or depression in women needs to be treated. Many forms of depression in men can be successfully treated with behavioral modification techniques, changes in dietary habits, changes in lifestyle habits, prescribed medications and psychotherapy. Ultimately, depression in men is a very real occurrence, one that should not be ignored. Finally, if any male suspects that they are experiencing extended periods of depression, they should not suffer in silence and they seriously consider paying a visit to their physician to properly address the issue.